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We at Standing Together have made it our goal to support and supply IDF soldiers with whatever they need in order to make their service as comfortable as possible. Standing Together has one another very important objective in mind; we want the men and women of the IDF to know that there are people around the globe who support them and appreciate their personal sacrifice to keep Israel safe. With your help, we support IDF soldiers with whatever they need, wherever they might be


IDF soldiers are ordered to carry around a sufficient supply of drinking water. Currently soldiers are equipped with 2 plastic water canteens that are not easily accessible during operations. Furthermore, after a short while in the sun, water that sits in these canteens turns warm leaves a less than appealing aftertaste

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$30 USD per pack

‘Shlukkerim’, better known as operational water packs are operational insulated water carriers that keeps water, cool and fresh even under the scorching sun. The insulated straw allows soldiers to drink without having to stop their patrols, operations or training which adds an additional safety factor to staying hydrated. Over the years we have gotten to thousands of IDF soldiers who have told what a difference these water packs make when they are on active duty and this year we must broaden our reach to supply as many active IDF soldiers possible.

Each water pack cost only $30 and you can sponsor as many as you wish or even cover an entire unit (100-120 IDF soldiers).

IDF soldiers put their lives on the line to keep Israel safe. This is the least we can do to show our appreciation.
It’s time we show the men and women of the IDF people around the world have their backs.

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