Help Donate the Standing Together Pizza Van

Sunrise with the IDF
pizza oven
David Landau with Soldiers

Since arriving in Israel, I have been traveling the country and witnessing its beauty and taking videos that I share with you on my website. One of the most exciting things that I have become involved in since my aliyah is Standing Together Inc., a wonderful organization that has been brings treats to IDF soldiers all over Israel. I am happy to be iinvolved in helping raise funds for the Standing Together Inc. Pizza Van. The delicious pizza will be non-dairy so that everyone can enjoy it, including vegans and those who observer Kosher dietary laws. The hot pizza will certainly warm up the ice cold chill affecting the IDF soldiers guarding the country.

Standing Together Inc. always has ambitious goals to show the IDF soldiers that they have support from around the globe. For 2022 one of their new goals is a New Pizza Van which will travel around Israel visiting IDF soldiers. The van will have all versions of hot pizza and foccacia. The non-dairy pizza tastes like the real thing and will be served to IDF soldiers any time of day or night. 

Standing Together Inc. will be adding the Pizza Van to our current  Hospitality Truck that serves hot waffles, ice creams, snacks, popcorn, hot and cold drinks, and more. Together both vehicles can bring treats to the IDF wherever they are guarding. We will be able to visit twice as many IDF soliders in the field!

Standing Together with IDF and First Responders
Standing Together Truck

David Landau is the founder of Standing Together and for the past 20 years, he has been finding inspiring ways to assist IDF soldiers. He sends the Hospitality Truck to the soldiers frequently, stocking it with delicious treats to show the IDF we care about them and are grateful for their service. Help David Landau bring Pizza to our soldiers! As the rain pours down filling our streams and rivers, our wonderful IDF soldiers are feeling the freezing chill. Help warm them up from the inside with fresh hot pizza. We will also be handing out  thank you letter to the IDF  Soldiers from their friends and supporters around the world.

*The image of the pizza van is for illustrative purposes. The exact van may not fully resemble the above image