Former MK Rabbi Dov Lipman Endorses Standing Together

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Standing Together is a remarkable organization which provides our IDF soldiers with the love, support, and enjoyment that they deserve. Serving in the army is not easy on many levels: 1) Being away from the comforts of home for weeks at a time. 2) Often being stationed in dangerous and tense-filled areas. 3) A political climate where some in Israel and many around the world criticize the army and its actions. Receiving food delicacies that are not part of the army rations, or even simple letters of support, give soldiers that little extra which they often need during challenging times.

My son served as a commander in a combat unit and told me how much the food deliveries meant to him and his soldiers. I have personally witnessed the impact that these Standing Together deliveries and food truck visits have on our soldiers and how it lifts their morale.

If you love Israel and care deeply about the IDF soldiers, I encourage you to generously support Standing Together. In doing so, you will become a partner in giving strength and pride to our precious soldiers.


Rabbi Dov Lipman

Member of the 19th Knesset

December 2018

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