Food for the Body and the Soul

Standing Together and LIBI fund are launching a new initiative that will strengthen the Jewish Awareness of IDF soldiers.  The organizations will have 4×4 vehicles travel along the borders of Israel, bringing motivational speakers who will cover topics such as dedication to Israel and our nation, fighting spirit and Jewish Awareness.   This project is in conjunction with the IDF rabbinate in order to strengthen the Jewish Awareness of our army.   Together, the Mobile Midrasha and Standing Together’s Mobile Kiosk will nourish both the body and the soul.  Miriam Gottlieb, Director of Development for Standing Together will be in the US from May 6th through May 16th. speaking about this and all of Standing Together’s other projects benefitting and showing appreciation to IDF soldiers all over Israel.  Miriam can be reached at 516-302-1005 until May 6th and 646-639-9944 during her trip for more information.

This time of year, between Yom HaAtzamut, Israels Independence Day, and Yom Yerushalyaim,  The anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, it is particularly important to recognize the soldiers that make it all possible.  Israel’s Independence and the Jewish control of Jerusalem are due to the vigilance of the brave men and women of the Israeli army and for this we all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

Whether they’re patrolling Israel’s borders during the cold winter months, defending the country in full protective gear in the heat of the summer or spending the holidays on duty instead of with their families, Israeli soldiers sacrifice their personal comforts to protect Israel.  Since its establishment, Standing Together has provided thousands of pizzas, sweets, hot coffees and cold drinks to soldiers at checkpoints and army bases.  These weeknight “surprise parties” give the soldiers on duty a special smile and demonstrate the appreciation of Jews worldwide for their heroic efforts. During the Second Lebanon War as well as last years Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, the organization  provided toiletries and undergarments, mobile cell phone charging stations, and other necessities to soldiers as well as amenities that were gratefully appreciated.

On Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day, Standing Together’s volunteers entertained soldiers with festive barbecues at army bases and checkpoints around Israel, spreading holiday cheer to those on duty.  These initiatives give Standing Together’s volunteers from both Israel and the Diaspora the opportunity to personally thank Israel’s young guardians for preventing terror attacks and protecting their friends and family and all citizens of Israel.  Standing Together’s activities over the last several years have brought much happiness to thousands of Israeli soldiers, who never imagined that  Jews overseas are concerned for their welfare. By supporting Standing Together, Jews throughout the world have a chance to recognize Israel’s unsung heroes and celebrate these defenders of Israel.