Lone Soldier Home Away From Home

There are thousands of Lone Soldiers currently serving in the IDF.
Lone soldiers are here without their families, and when they
are on leave from the army, they need a place they can call
home and a place to unwind, feel nurtured and have facilities to do laundry and to take care of their other personal needs.

They are called Lone Soldiers, but we want to make sure they are never alone. 

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The Home Away From Home campaign gives Lone Soldiers the independence they need and the support they deserve.

A place they can call home and an adopted family that numbers in the hundreds. Standing Together is renting apartments that will be home to Lone Soldiers who are currently serving in the IDF.

We have a large network of volunteers that will take care of all the soldiers’ needs from cleaning to laundry and making sure each soldier has a place for Shabbat and holidays as well as having the refrigerator filled when the soldiers come back from their base. Israeli soldiers have their family, lone soldiers have Standing Together.

Monthly rent prices in Jerusalem fluctuate and we are working from an average of $1,875 per month. Each apartment will be home for at least 3 IDF Lone Soldiers

One Year IDF Lone Soldier Home sponsor

Two Year IDF Lone Soldier Home Sponsor


Our First-Year Goal is FIVE IDF Apartments
which will be home to 15 -20 IDF Lone Soldiers


IFor tax-deductible donation by check in the United States, please make your dollar check payable to
Standing Together
17 E Stemmer Ln
Suffern, NY 10901-430420037