Gmach For Lone Soldiers

There is a large number of soldiers in Israel who give up a comfortable life in another country, move to Israel and volunteer to join our army.  Soldiers often struggle to find jobs that work with their military schedules and try hard to make ends meet. Unfortunately they are not always successful and need a little help.

Eyal L

Eyal moved to Israel about 4 years ago. He left an easier life in Toronto, Canada to build a future here in Israel. In Toronto, Eyal worked in High Tech sales, after moving to Israel, he decided to voluntarily enlist in the IDF, committing to serve for 2 years. The stipend the army pays him is not enough to cover just his rent. Eyal had a job teaching English for a vocational institute but he lost the job due to his rigorous army schedule.

The son of two former IDF officers, Eyal has a dream of making a difference, but it’s very difficult to keep that idealism when you can’t pay the rent.

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