Donate for Yom HaAtzmaut Barbecues

Standing Together is expecting a fantastic Yom HaAtzmaut this year. We have hundreds of chayalim anxiously awaiting our arrival at their bases. As we all know, the national celebration of Yom HaAtzmaut is traditionally celebrated by barbecuing with family and friends. The chayalim that are on duty during the holiday do not get to share in this celebration with their families, which is why we bring the celebration to them.

There’s no limit to the volunteers we can accept for this event, because the chayalim appreciate each and every family that comes to support them. The Army provides salad, chumus and chips, while Standing Together provides the main attraction. Volunteers work the grills for the event, and bring charcoal, drinks, pitot, condiments, etc. If you would like to bring food to supplement for your family, please feel free to do so , the army requests that it be chalak and mehadrin.