Calling All One Year Students in Israel

Standing Together is happy to invite you to participate actively in our program.  We visit soldiers several times a week with small groups of students from all over the world  who have come to study in Israel.  These students are the peers of the soldiers and the connection they feel to each other is very special.  The students understand that if they had grown up in Israel, they would have been given the responsibility of protecting our nation.  Groups of students from many different schools in the Jerusalem area have joined us and we plan to involve many more in this amazing activity.  These students have opportunities here in Israel  for Jewish experiences that they would never have in their hometowns. The students always comment on their unforgettable experience, calling the evening  “unbelievable”, “amazing” and “an incredible opportunity”.

To volunteer to join us please email [email protected] with your cell phone #.

Last  week,  a group of girls from Midreshet Tehillah that came with us to the outpost of Sde Boaz to visit the 5 soldiers stationed there were exceptionally enthusiastic. 19 year old girls hanging out with other 19 year old girls.  Some of the soldiers were in pajamas, some in uniform, all sitting and talking with their peers from the US.  They talked about music and movies, ate popcorn and pizza.  The warmth and mutual respect was palpable.  Its hard to describe the strong feeling of camaraderie that was in the room.  The girls are planning on launching a fundraising campaign so that small groups may visit soldiers stationed in this outpost twice weekly to give them support and attention.