A Day in the Life of Standing Together Volunteers

Israel @ War - Standing Together on the Front Lines

Since the beginning of the war, Iron Swords, Standing Together has been driving as close as possible to the front lines to offer IDF soldiers delicious snacks and drinks. Each week, we have loaded up the Standing Together Hospitality Truck in memory of of Ari Fuld and Yehoshua Friedberg HY”D with an average month’s worth of treats. Our volunteers give it all out in ONE day! And our days are not short. Standing Together volunteers drive for about 3 hours to reach IDF soldiers. Then Standing Together travels to the different army units. These trips are from dawn past dusk. We travel late into the night. Sometimes serving more than 2000 soldiers in a day. Standing Together loves the IDF! Show your support.

loading up the truck

Before heading south, our volunteers load up the Hospitality Truck with hundreds of donuts.

Seeing the Standing Together Hospitality Truck

IDF soldiers spot the Standing Together Hospitality Truck but they don’t have time to get out.

No worries, Standing Together volunteers  happily deliver and receive sweet smiles.

Standing Together is serving loads of IDF soldiers

Good news spreads quickly. IDF soldiers come by for donuts, ice-cream and more.

Rabbi Landau Volunteers from San Francisco

Standing Together volunteer Rabbi Joel Landau came straight from the airport to serve the IDF.

Mr. Donuts generously donated hundreds of donuts to Standing Together for the IDF soldiers.

Continuing into the night, Standing Together is proud to bring tasty donuts to our IDF Soldiers.

siddurim for the IDF

Standing Together donors raise funds for siddurim for IDF soldiers.


Standing Together donations provided hundreds of Tzizit for our IDF soldiers.

donating and giving out flowers to the wives of IDF soldiers

Shabbat flowers and plants provided by Standing Together, our thank you to wives of IDF soldiers.

Not just Donuts and sweets, we added underwear and dri-fit shirts to give out to IDF soldiers. You want it – we got it! 

Update from December 31, 2023 – Standing Together gave out 500 softshell jackets to IDF soldiers and first responders as well as 300 gloves.

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We bring the IDF soldiers, who have been in Gaza and those who are on their way into Gaza to defend Israel, fresh donuts made with love, an array of treats and cold drinks as well as hugs that the young soldiers asked for. A simple hug and pat on the pack are expressions of our unity.

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Thanking front Line IDF Soldiers for putting their own lives on the line to protect Israel has never been easier. Fill out the form on this page and treats will be on the way to Israeli soldiers who are actively protecting Israel. Let’s provide our soldiers with 100,000 Thank Yous!