4 Things You Didn’t Know About The IDF

If you are from anywhere in the world besides Israel, your opinion about the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is based on what you have probably seen in some very biased news coverage.  Israel has been involved in an ongoing war for 66 years and while we never started or wanted a war, our survival depends on our readiness to fight and defend Israel against those who seek our destruction.


Here Are  4 Things you Didn’t Know About The IDF


1. Women of the IDF

  • Yael Rom was the first female pilot who earned her wings in 1951.
  • Hava Inbar was appointed as judge of a military court in Haifa in September 1969.  She was the first female military judge in the world.
  • Women are serving in all positions in the IDF including combat infantry units and even pilots.



The IDF doctrine at a strategic level is a defensive one alone.  Israel has no offensive goals and no wish to conquer more land or expand past Israel’s borders.  All of IDF’s operations over the past 66 years have all been in reaction to Arab attacks on Israel and the only objective the IDF has is to protect the people of Israel.  Due to Israel’s small territorial depth, the IDF must take initiative when threatened, to ensure that a war at any given time takes place on the enemy’s land and not within the borders of Israel.

The only war Israel initiated was the 1967 Six Day War.  After Egypt’s leader, Gamal Abdel Nasser, kicked out the UN and massed troops on the Israeli border and called for the annihilation of Israel, the Israeli Air Force was sent into action and completely destroyed Egypt’s Air Force before they had a chance to get off the ground.

Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon joined the war and attacked Israel simultaneously but were all stunned as Israel defeated them all.  Though Israel was outnumbered by tens of thousands, Israel was victorious and within six days alone completely crushed the Arab attempt to destroy Israel.

3. Strict Moral Code

The IDF soldier is trained to fight but is bound by a very strict code of behavior.  Air Force missions as well as ground operations have been postponed and cancelled due to innocent civilian activity in enemy territory.  The IDF has spent millions of dollars in developing non-fatal weapons in order to halt threats without causing serious injury or fatalities.

War is always tragic and innocent people always suffer but the IDF does what no other army in the world does to try not to injure or kill innocent civilians.


4. Minorities In Command In The IDF

While our enemies call us racist, Israel is very proud of our Arab and Muslim soldiers.  They, together with the rest of Israel, understand that the IDF is not fighting a religion or a people but rather a terrorist ideology that endangers everyone in the area.




The IDF has Arabs in every single unit and  the legendary elite tracking unit
is made up completely of Druze Muslims.


The IDF will continue to protect the State of Israel and all her citizens at all costs!  Peace will come when our enemies put down their weapons.



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