2 Important Lessons I Learned From Yesterday’s Jerusalem Terror Attack

Written By: Ari Fuld

“Who is a wise man? One who sees the consequence”

This is what Chazal (Jewish sages) said in the Talmud.  A wise man will always weigh his actions by what the outcome might be.  I do not want to discuss the mistakes Israel has made in the past when it comes to the Israeli Arab conflict, I want to think about the future.

Yesterday, it was proven beyond a doubt that the conflict in Israel is not about the Green Line or settlements or occupation or even Zionism.  Two fanatic Muslim terrorists walked into a synagogue during morning prayer and with a meat cleaver, a knife and a gun ruthlessly and randomly slaughtered Jews while they were praying.

I contemplated for a very long time whether I should post this picture and I decided it is important to see who and how our enemies are murdering.teffilin




    • At 7:01 yesterday morning two Muslim terrorists entered a Jerusalem synagogue during morning prayer and randomly hacked 4 Jews to death.
    • The terrorists were Jerusalem residents and one was actually employed at a local supermarket just a block away from the synagogue.
    • All four Jewish victims had foreign citizenship. Three were American and one was British.


2 Things I learned From Yesterday’s Pogrom


  1. The Israel Arab conflict has nothing to do with Zionism or “occupation”

The two terrorists were Jerusalem residents who held jobs in Jewish neighborhoods.  They received rights and social security from Israel and were free to travel, do business and live their lives any way they wished.  One of the terrorists had a family and his wife was given permission to live in Israel under the family unification law which allows non-Israeli Arabs to receive a resident status in Israel if they marry an Arab resident of Israel.

There was no sob story of utter despair here to attempt and justify this murder.  Both Muslim terrorists had good  lives and hopeful futures and the only thing that motivated them was their radical understanding of their religion.

The Jewish victims of this pogrom were not in uniform and being from the Ultra Orthodox Jewish community were never in uniform.  When these two fanatic Muslims entered that synagogue, they were not reacting to any Israeli politics, they were simply murdering Jews because they were Jews!

Their actions were a religiously motivated hate crime, nothing more, nothing less.  The people these barbaric Islamic terrorists murdered were Jews who were still wrapped in their prayer shawls.  The Rabbis brutally murdered were not ascending the Temple Mount nor were they involved in the Gaza war or with the settlement movement and they were not politically motivated in any way, shape or form.  Not that any of those actions would justify such barbaric behavior.  These rabbis were simple people whose only sin was teaching Torah (Judaism).

Radical Islamic hate of Israel and the JEWS living here is the new face of antisemitism.  You think I am exaggerating?
If they are just opposed to Israel then why don’t we see any terror attacks on Israeli Arab mosques or institutions?
It has been 66 years and all Islamic terror has been aimed at JEWS!

Because Israel Occupied Palestine?

Excusing such  terrorist acts with claims of settlements or “occupation” of a Palestine Arab country that NEVER actually existed, is nothing less than spreading a modern day blood libel against Jews.  You think these radical Muslims are hacking praying Jews to death because of a land dispute?  The thought itself is disgusting but the fact that it’s a lie makes you a bigot!  Between 1948-1967 all the areas that are disputed today were in Arab hands and no Palestine country was declared or even demanded.  When Israel completely handed over Gaza in 2005, the population democratically voted in a religious Islamic terror organization called Hamas and the rest is history.

Take a close look at the map below and tell my you honestly believe that the small red sliver is the issue!


  2. The World Just Doesn’t Care

I was born and raised in the United States and moved to Israel in 1991.  I used to pledge allegiance to the flag and am grateful till this day for the kindness the USA showed me, the Jewish people and Israel.  The truth is, my gratitude is towards the American people who for the most part understand what kind of enemy Israel is facing.  When it comes to the governments of the world or the press, the story is a VERY different one!

Whether it be the original CNN report that spoke of an “alleged terror attack” or the later one, when they admitted it was an attack but reported it happened in a mosque!?!?!  The international press coverage of the horrific pogrom that happened in a Jerusalem synagogue proved to me that nothing has changed and dead Jews are simply no big deal.



The British Daily Telegraph actually reported the death of two Palestinians as the headline and “forgot” to mention they slaughtered Jews!


Of course there is the Candaian CBC news agency who wins the prize for the most biased and bigoted headline.  How these people sleep at night is beyond me.




The only time the press was forced to look at the Jewish victims of this horrendous Islamic hate crime was when Minister Naftali Bennet was  interviewed on BBC and flashed a picture of one of the Jewish victims.  The reaction from the interviewer was perfect in every way!  “We don’t really want to see that”!


Correct me if I am mistaken but wasn’t BBC showing non-stop graphic pictures throughout the recent Gaza war?  I believe they even showed gruesome pictures from Syria and blamed Israel for those as well.  I guess they just don’t want the world to see that Jews are getting slaughtered by radical Muslims, it might confirm the truth about Israel’s barbaric enemies.

Let’s face the fact that at best, the world is completely indifferent to Jews being hacked to death by Islamic terrorists, it just isn’t news worthy!

Perhaps the world has gotten used to Jews putting up their hands and being led into gas chambers without a fight.  It seems the only time Jews being in danger is newsworthy is when we fight back.  Nine years of rocket fire from Gaza into random civilian populations in Israel is no big deal but when Israel FINALLY returns fire?  The world gets up on its hind legs to scream, “HOW DARE YOU JEWS FIGHT BACK!”

My Conclusion?

Nothing has changed!  70 somewhat years ago the world governments sat quietly as Jews were marched into the gas chambers, burned, shot and murdered in the most hideous ways.
The Jews and Israel have contributed everything from technology to scientific and medical breakthroughs to the world and we have not beheaded anyone nor do we have an ideology of taking over the world or forcing the entire world to accept our religious beliefs.  Yet the same world that is being terrorized by radical Islamic regimes and terror organizations chooses to point a finger at Israel instead of at those who threaten every modern Western society.  There are many good individual people in the world but when it comes to governments, it seems oil is a bit more important than blood.

Bottom line is, I just don’t care anymore what the world thinks.
It is obvious they don’t like us and no matter what we do, it seems the world will always be pointing a finger at Israel.
Israel will protect itself from the fanatic Islamic terror that has been striking at our people for the past 66 years and while it is not very fun being called the bad guy by the world, I choose bad guy over dead guy!


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