Largest Campaign in 20 Years

Help us reach our goal is to fill the streets of Israel with solidarity and support for our chayalim by distributing tote bags throughout the country that are printed with Thank You messages and by giving Chayalim summer treats to keep them cool in the hot summer sun.
Your greatest contribution in addition to your generous donation would be to spread the word about this fundraiser to your friends and family and associates via email and social media.
Throughout the cities of Israel everywhere that one turns there will be someone carrying a tote bag that shouts out a heartfelt compliment for the chayalim: “Thank You IDF” “Good Luck Soldier” “You are the Best!” “Chayal Keep Safe, We Care about YOU”. These compliments and words of encouragement will brighten the chayalims’ day today and even more importantly it will leave them with something they will cherish for a lifetime, the feeling of support and appreciation from every day citizens, the Jewish community around the world and Friends of Israel as they face the challenges involved in protecting Israel.
Your donation, will strengthen the Israeli chayalim and unify Israeli society. We are Standing Together in support of our soldiers.

Standing Together Thank You Bag

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The root of this campaign and the soul of Standing Together were born out of the dramatic events that transpired fifty one years ago, I witnessed the miracle we now call the Six Day War. Prior to the war, Israeli citizens sadly joked, the last one out of Ben Gurion Airport shut the lights. Tension mounted daily and exploded as Egypt, Syria and Jordan engaged in a war with Israel. The fear was palatable, we didn’t know what our fate would be.

Volunteering in Kibbutz Lavi, I heard of the many miracles the soldiers personally experienced. Entering Bethlehem, an old woman motioned to the Israeli soldiers to follow her. As they approached she disappeared and they found themselves in front of Kever Rachel (Mama Rochel as she is lovingly called) without a bullet being shot or a soldier being injured. Her sons had returned.

Six Day War volunteers

We returned to the Golan Heights as well. The Syrian troops stationed there receded when they thought the war had bypassed them as they heard Israeli rockets explode beyond where they were stationed.  The Syrian troops deserted , leaving the Heights unprotected.

And of course we returned to the Kotel, the center of Jerusalem, the wall that represents the heart of our nation and the unity of Israel. Immediately the area in front of the kotel was cleared and soldiers both religious and secular stood together in awe.

It was truly a magical time. Grateful for the daily miracles from G-d and the courage of the soldiers, civilians desperately wanted to show their appreciation and support. They spontaneously set up tables laden with home made cakes, sandwiches and drinks in bus stations and other central areas so the soldiers could grab a bite, a taste of home, in their rush to defend us. Witnessing this left a deep impression and is the reason behind Standing Together, whose hospitality truck continues to deliver our support, gratitude and delicious treats to brave soldiers.
And today with you, Jews all over the world and friends of Israel, we are launching the 100,000 Thank Yous Campaign. Your donation will let the chayalim know how much we love them and appreciate their efforts to keep us safe and secure.