The IDF Passover Campaign; The Most Important Thing You Do Today!

While in uniform, IDF soldiers are all the same. Whether they are religious, secular, Jewish, Druze, Muslim or Christian, all

The Connection Between The IDF, Purim & You

In a couple of weeks the Jewish nation will celebrate the holiday of Purim. While most Jewish holidays can be

Stairs for IDF Winter Gear

Climbing Stairs for our Soldiers: Michael Rollhaus is dedicating his climb of the stairs in Azrielli Towers, all 147 floors,

Operation Brother’s Keeper

Our IDF soldiers are working day and night to find Eyal, Gilad and Naftali and bring them home safely. The

Bring Back Our Boys

Our nation is devastated, frustrated and crying out in pain. We are praying for the safe return of the boys

Yom HaAtzmaut Movie Marathon

Standing Together’s first Annual Yom HaAtzmaut/Yom Yerushalayim 24 Hour Movie Marathon This new idea to give Diaspora Jewry a way


We know you really enjoy the opportunity to show our soldiers your support all year long and that is why you

Warm Winter Gear for IDF Soldiers

Chilly nights are upon us again, and IDF soldiers are starting to bundle up when they’re on duty. Standing Together

Wonder Tzitzit

Our tradition teaches us that when someone is wearing tzitzit they are more connected to Hashem. Soldiers depend on their

Donate To Standing Together

Donating to Standing Together is the easiest way to say “thank you” to IDF soldiers who help protect and defend

Send a Rosh Hashanah Package To IDF Soldiers

Each IDF Rosh Hashanah Package is Only $50 Click DONATE and Decide How Many IDF Soldiers You Want To Wish