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A Personal IDF Story That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Written By:  Ari Fuld   During the summer of 2006 I was the director of a summer camp in Israel.

2 Important Lessons I Learned From Yesterday’s Jerusalem Terror Attack

Written By: Ari Fuld “Who is a wise man? One who sees the consequence” This is what Chazal (Jewish sages)

You Are NOT Going To Believe BBC’s Response When They See Muslims Murdering Jews

Israeli Minister Naftali Bennet gave an interview on BBC and when he pointed out just how barbaric the Islamic terror

Islamic Terror Hacking Jews To Death During Prayer Has NOTHING To Do With Occupation!

Two Muslim terrorists armed with a handgun, knives and axes entered a synagogue in a peaceful neighborhood in Jerusalem and

Check Out These 4-Legged Heroes Of The IDF! Move Over Scooby Doo!

Anyone who has served in any military knows the important role man’s best friends play.  Whether it is taking down

Just How Barbaric Are Israel’s Enemies? WATCH THIS VIDEO!

There are many people around the world who are upset with Israel. They are even more upset at the IDF

Here Is Why IDF Soldiers HATE Checkpoints

Several years ago I was traveling to the States for a speaking engagement/fundraiser for the IDF.  I was flying from

Climbing High for Winter Gear

Michael Rollhaus, ranked high in his age category for Stair Climbing will be joining with Standing Together this year to

Stairs for IDF Winter Gear

Climbing Stairs for our Soldiers: Michael Rollhaus is dedicating his climb of the stairs in Azrielli Towers, all 147 floors,

Standing Together Has Full Approval of IDF

Globes, the Israel Business News site reported that the IDF is no longer permitting the free flow of food and

The Latest News from Gaza

Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, Standing Together’s hospitality trailer has been shuttling back and forth to the soldiers