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Here Is The IDF Video Everyone Needs To See

For those of you who understand the return of the Jewish nation to  the Land of Israel is nothing less than a miracle, you also know that IDF soldiers played a central role in making that miracle happen. There are no words a soldier’s mother can use to describe to the world the feelings and fear she has […]

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A Peek Into The Biggest IDF Navy Base (shhh….)

By: Ari Fuld I have been serving in IDF reserves for over 20 years now and I thought I have seen it all. I thought I knew all there is to know about the IDF, then I spent a day at a Navy base in the north with the Standing Together team and was completely […]

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Saying Thank You To IDF Soldiers

Saying thank you is the least we can do for IDF soldiers who are constantly putting their lives on the line to keep Israel safe. Next week the Jewish people will be celebrating the holiday of Purim. The story of Purim is one the Jewish people know all too well. An anti-semite ruler  from Persia(Iran today) named […]

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About Standing Together

Standing Together’s mission is to give the worldwide community an opportunity to show our appreciation to the young men and women of the Israel Defense Forces. Standing Together, run almost entirely by volunteers, includes as many people as possible in expressing gratitude to the soldiers who risk their lives everyday for the safety of the people, visitors and holy places of Israel. With our truck and Hospitality Trailer, Standing Together volunteers visit IDF soldiers regularly to offer support, gratitude, treats, hot and cold drinks and smiles. This encourages the soldiers to keep up their hard work. Standing Together is constantly looking for new ways to make a difference in the lives of those who make a difference in Israel.

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making a difference to those who make a difference in Israel